What is Set & Setting?

Set & Setting is an important aspect of ketamine infusion therapy and other psychedelic treatments. Find out why.

by Victoria Webster

At Golden Afternoon ketamine clinic in Santa Monica, we aim to curate the very best ketamine experience for our patients. We know that  ketamine treatments benefit people with a wide range of mood and pain disorders and we also know that the idea of taking a dissociative or hallucinogenic drug can be anxiety provoking. So how can people, especially those who may already be dealing with high levels of anxiety feel comfortable undergoing ketamine treatments. First of all, know that the experience is often described as being quite pleasant.  The concept of a ‘bad trip’ is not a common occurrence. And to create optimal results we focus on the set and setting.

In the context of psychedelics, "set" refers to the mindset, expectations, and emotional state of the individual taking the drug, while "setting" refers to the physical and social environment in which the drug is taken. The set and setting are important because they can significantly influence the nature and intensity of the psychedelic experience, as well as the potential risks and benefits.

At Golden Afternoon, we encourage our patients to set a clear intention prior to every treatment and we walk them through what to expect. We have comfortable zero gravity chairs which immediately promote relaxation. We do a mini-meditation and breathwork session to establish grounding and calm before an experienced nurse places the IV. 

The setting can also influence the psychedelic experience. To that end, the calming surroundings at Golden Afternoon create a sense of safety and security, and the whimsical touches like the mushroom lamps and succulents promote a joyful atmosphere.

If you feel like ketamine treatments could be right for you, schedule a screening, call us at (310-)-310-8031 or email info@goldenafternoon.clinic